Presentation : 110ml/200ml.


  • Acidum Sulfuricum HPI 3x 10.0 % v/v

  • Capsicum HPI 2x 10.0 % v/v

  • Natrum Phos HPI 2x 10.0 % v/v

  • Phosphorus HPI 5x 10.0 % v/v

  • Robinia P HPI 2x 10.0 % v/v

  • Alcohol content 9 % v/v.

It is a tonic which makes the process of digestion easy. An answer for inflammatory gastric complaints, flatulence, heart burn, hypochlorrhydria, hyperacidity disorders, Flatulent colic as observed in alcoholics, flatulent dyspepsia, G.I. discomfort, gastritis, duodenitis, meteorism, reflux oesophagitis, sour eructations, anorexia and great debility etc.

1-2 teaspoonful 3 times a day before meals with water, it is recommended to have a suitable diet to activate this therapy OR as directed by the physician.


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